Some of our work with quality woods can be found here.


Timber Measurements
Oak 20mm to 50mm by 2400mm
Red Cedar 20mm to 150mm by1600mm
European Ash 50mm to 100mm by 1600mm
Redwood 50mm by 4800mm
Sycamore Cookies
Cherry Cookies & Slices
Walnut A selection of slices

In Designs by Joseph Daniel, you can find designs in wood of different types, colors and sizes. Each piece is a unique item.
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We will be happy to execute your projects or designs.



Office desk handmade with red cedar wood and resin epoxy, with a river table design. This table is ideal for your office or board room, the measurement are 1850 millimetres length by 680 millimetres wide, with a thickness of 70 millimetres.

Please contact us for more details about this product!

Bar table, with epoxy resin and European ash wood, we do not have a standard size, this piece is unique and varies between 1350 millimetres long, and can be larger or smaller according to the design of our customers and their needs.
We adapt to a specific project, curved bars, square wood with resin, stone, and concrete finish. This model has speaker inserts on both sides, led lights, and container storage openings. Other functionalities can be added such as steps, taps, container openings, and much more!

Please contact us if you have a specific project for your bar, in terms of color, design, and wood.
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