A resin table with Irish history... Our Battle of the Boyne piece.

This table is very special, made from walnut wood, despite the years it was still standing and located on the site of the famous Battle of the Boyne (near the village of Drogheda).
This tree fell in 1998, as it fell the week of Good Friday agreement between Ireland and England, the owners of the land decided to carry out a carbon test to date its age and see if it had really been there during the battle. Indeed, it dated back to 1660 according to the carbon dating and we normal people can  count the rings from the center outwards... Part of Irish history captured into this once off piece.
The dimensions of this piece is 1200 mm x 2400 mm and the weight is expected to be over 250 kg plus boxing for transport. This boardroom rivertable contains more than 185 kg of  resin, to obtain the desired design. And the truth is,, that Im delighted with this table, ideal for a boardroom, for offices or to show off in your dining room!

Our rivertables can have different colors, we like to use black and brown, but we can customize them according to your request.

Our table sizes start from 800 mm by 800 mm or 80 cm by 80 cm, for our Irish and international customers (USA, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, etc) we can go up to 2400 mm by 2400 mm and more. If you have the space for a larger table, we have the space to build it! We can perform any shelf work anywhere in the world, Guaranteed!!!