Welcome to designs by Joseph Daniel

Welcome to our workshop Designs by Joseph Daniel!!!!

I am dedicated to the creation of contemporary wood designs for interiors and exteriors.
I use pure materials: different woods from trees such as walnut cedar, eucalyptus, oak, birch, beech, among others.

Our design technique is river tables, where we use resin, in different colors, creating different sizes and designs that are ideal for different environments such as lounges, meetings, dinners and offices.
Each piece is unique, as we design them with your needs, preferences and requirements in mind.

We are happy to offer personalized attention via video-conference, where you can call us and consult us for your designs, projects and prices.







Do you have a project in mind? why not get in contact and ask about a commission. We can discuss and advise on a multitude and variety of options best suited to you or your organisation, whether its off the shelf or made to order its always hand crafted and bespoke.

Feel free to contact us! Schedule a time with us online to make an appointment to discuss our products, services and projects. We can do it via Zoom or WhatsApp


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